Coaches Handbook

Coaches Handbook with Emergency Plan 2023-24


NIL Eligibility

Each student-athlete is required adhere to the requirement of Articles I through X of the PIAA Bylaws to maintain Amateur Status and therefore, the student-athlete and parent/guardian need to review all eligibility requirements set forth in the PIAA Constitution and Bylaws.


Amateur Status and Awards

Section 1. Amateur Status Required.

 To be eligible to participate in an Inter-School Practice, Scrimmage, and/or Contest, a student must be an amateur in the sport involved. An amateur student is one who engages in athletic competition solely for the educational, physical, mental, social, and pleasure benefits derived thereof and does not receive monetary or similar or equivalent compensation or remuneration for such participation. Where the official rules for a sport provided for under ARTICLE XVIII of these Bylaws establish requirements for amateur status, such requirements shall govern to the extent inconsistent with this ARTICLE II.

Section 3: J: Name, Image, and Likeness: Adopted December 2022

Students may receive Consideration for the use of their own name, image, and likeness (NIL). Such permissible activities include commercial endorsements, promotional activities, social media presence, product or service advertisements, and unique digital items/assets. NIL contracts/agreements need to come from analysis of the value an athlete brings for providing a specific service/activity, not as an incentive for enrollment decisions or membership on a team. Within 72 hours after entering into any type of NIL contracts/agreements, a student, or the student’s parents/guardians must notify the Principal or Athletic Director of the student’s school of entering into that agreement.

 No school or anyone employed by or affiliated with a member school, including booster clubs, coaches, collectives, administrators, and alumni, may solicit, arrange, negotiate or pay for a student’s, other than their own child, use of their NIL and/or the provision of Consideration to a student for the use of their NIL.

In engaging in NIL activities, students may not make any reference to PIAA or a PIAA member school (including the school and/or team name, nicknames, terms by which a school or team is commonly referred or identified, logo) and may not wear school uniforms or school-identifying apparel or items). Students may not endorse or promote any third-party entities, goods, or services during team/school activities. Students may not wear the apparel or display the logo, insignia, or identifying mark of an NIL partner during any team/school athletic activities unless it is part of the standard school uniform for that sport.

Students may not engage in any NIL activities involving, displaying or endorsing the following categories of products and services: (1) Adult entertainment products and services; (2) Alcohol products; (3) Casinos and gambling, including sports betting, the lottery, and betting in connection with video games, on-line games and mobile devices; (4) Tobacco and electronic smoking products and devices; (5) Opioids and prescription pharmaceuticals; (6) Controlled dangerous substances; (7) Weapons, firearms and ammunition.